Brian Shube is a management consultant, author, educator and IT professional with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution.

Brian founded BSC in 1995 to help businesses to grow and flourish. He is an expert on Import/Export and Supply Chain Management. His practice focuses on helping clients to navigate the complexities of global trade and grow their business. In addition to his consulting practice, Brian is on the faculty at Essex County College where he teaches courses in entrepreneurship and supply chain management. Additionally, Brian has been teaching graduate level business courses at Caldwell University.

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Amanda Irizarry is the Food Safety Director at Brian Shube Consulting Inc. She is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and has a Bachelorette of Science in Food Service Entrepreneurship & an Associates of Arts degree in Baking & Pastry Arts.

Amanda has been in the food industry for 21 years and has held various positions from the front and back of the house, management, training, consulting, cafeterias, snack bars and manufacturing plants. She is a Certified Trainer and Proctor for SerVsafe.

Amanda has her CP-FS (Certified Professional in Food Safety) certificate from N.E.H.A (National Health Association). She has trained and consulted with visually impaired individuals on SerVsafe, as well as the NYC School Food Program which focuses on feeding children nutritious and safe meals each and every day. She is also an SQF practitioner for level 3 and has her PCQI certificate.

Amanda has worked in the cheese industry for over 3 years. She has worked with top products in Grated Parmesan, Romano & Asiago Cheeses. She has vast knowledge of the cheese process from grating to packaging. She has also done several site visits to various manufacturing plants who create cheese. She has a broad understanding of shelf life studies, has participated in sensory evaluations of products, and has performed microbiological testing on a variety of items from certified laboratories.

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Jackie ONeill comes to us from GE Healthcare.  Before joining Brian Shube Consulting she worked as their Business Applications Manager and Marketing Communications Manager.   She has a unique 25-year background in IT, Sales, Customer care and sales support.  In her former role she assisted Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance and IT with various system projects, design, implementation and training.  Her strength was assisting Sales representatives with increasing revenue from leads and opportunities generated from trade shows and events. 

Since joining Brian and his team she is on a mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and become profitable.   She has an extensive background in project management, communication, marketing, strategic planning and business development.

To speak to Jackie regarding your business needs you can contact her at

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Michelle joined Brian Shube Consulting Inc as the Director of Marketing in April 2012.  

She is a graduate of Adelphi University with a BA in Business Management and Finance.

Michelle brings her extensive experience in marketing, sales, operations and project management to the company where our goal is to help business owners grow their business.

To speak to Michelle regarding your business needs you can contact her at
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   Email: info@brianshube.com


Muschieka joined Brian Shube Consulting January 2018 as our new intern.

She is pursuing a degree i

Muschieka joined Brian Shube Consulting January 2018 as our new intern.

She is pursuing a degree in Supply Chain Management and is expected to graduate December 2018.

She is honored to given the opportunity to earn valuable experience from global trade and safety experts.

To speak to Muschieka Muschett regarding your business needs you can contact her at 

Office 732-640-8800
Email: info@brianshube.com