Import Services


Growing a business in the U.S. often requires sourcing international products. There are many benefits to importing products, including:

Introducing New Products – With the benefit of the internet, business owners can search and conduct market research to identify meaningful products to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Reducing Costs – Many of today’s businesses find importing products less expensive than producing them locally.

Advancing in the Industry –Importing products can establish a unique niche for many businesses, helping to become a leader in the market.

Provide High-Quality Products – Many businesses choose to import in order to introduce fine quality products into their product line.

Import Services

While there is value to importing for many businesses operating in today’s competitive environment, it is not easy to get started and sustain. The process can be complex, involve numerous government agencies, and require coordination between multiple transportation companies in order to effectively move products from their source to their destination in accordance with voluminous regulatory requirements.


BSC and our team of experienced professionals help streamline the process. We help businesses with:

  • Government FDA regulations
  •  Registration of  Manufacturing Facilities, both domestic and internatinal
  • Determine FDA product codes
  • Calculate HTS (Harmonized Tariff Scheudles) codes
  • Register business with Dunn & Bradstreet to issue a DUNNS number

See how our import services can assist you with growing your business. We make sense of complex regulations, eliminate trade obstacles and develop new opportunities for growth and revenue.   
BSC believes strongly in building relationships with our clients. We understand that the needs and goals of a client today, may not be the same tomorrow, next week or next year. So, with that in mind, a true partnership allows our team to stay close to those evolving criteria so that they may be addressed effectively and efficiently. Our number one goal has been – and always will be – to provide best-in-class service to our clients.

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