Food Safety

Food Safety Division

 Food Manufacturers face stringent health, safety and quality standards and  need to meet ever-evolving FDA regulations.    To remain competitive, it is critical to maintain compliance with the many guidelines, standards and regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act.  

 Our Food Safety team works with  Food Manufacturers to keep up with the demanding  environment due to the globalization of markets and economic interdependence. 

Our Food Safety team will ensure that you are in compliance with the FDA  guidelines, regulations & that systems have been established and implemented to ensure the provision of safe food.

BSC delivers individually tailored  support to our customers .  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which will allow you to rest comfortably that you food safety needs will be met in a professional manner.    

We bring a unique perspective to food safety by combining extensive, practical hands-on experience with a clear understanding of the business imperatives that are crucial to your success. 

Our food safety services apply to the Food Safety Modernization Act and International Schemes Services   Our job is to make sure that you comply with FSMA.  

1. SQF  - Safe Quality Food  is a Food Safety Certification Scheme. The two main benefits are:  1. Provides a rigorous system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry. 2. Provides a recognized food safety certification. The Safe Quality Foods Program (SQF) is recognized by retailers and food service providers around the world that require a rigorous, credible food safety management system.   

2. Food Safety Plans:   A food safety plan is a set of documents that shows how a food business operates safely. It is a requirement for almost all food producers under FDA regulation.   Our Food Safety plan includes : 

  • Create a HACCP Plan
  • Recall Program
  • Allergen Program
  • Traceability Program
  • Supplier Approval Program
  • Food Defense Program
  • Environmental Monitoring Program

3. Food Safety Checkup/Assessment -  Mainly done to determine the degree of conformance of your facility to the requirements of FSMA specifications or standards. It is good business practice to preform a pre-assessment to determine a company’s needs.  

4. Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Importers are now responsible to ensurie that their exporters abroad have adequate preventive controls in place.  FSMA requires imported food to be as safe as domestic or local food.    We work with our client to obtain all documentation necessary to create a Foreign Supplier Verification Program. 

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Food Safety Client Testimonials

Rastelli Global

Valesco Trading LLC

Victoria's Candies


BSC was a huge benefit in getting our production going. They all were so helpful with all the questions I had. All documents were available in timely fashion. 

They gave us tips and ideas on how to make production area better.

David Ricciardelli

QA Supervisor

Victoria's Candies

Valesco Trading LLC

Victoria's Candies



Brian Shube Consulting was instrumental in helping us implement our food safety plan.  Amanda was a pleasure to work with and made the implementation process go smoothly. She was professional and answered all our questions in a timely manner.  We feel confident that we are manufacturing safe food!

Paul Esposito


Valesco Trading LLC

Valesco Trading LLC

Valesco Trading LLC


 Brian Shube has been most valuable to us throughout the advancement of our HACCP process. From documentation to implementation, everything has been flawless thanks to their expertise and professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work with Amanda and Jacquelyn and we are looking forward to our collaboration throughout the upcoming SQF process. 

Yonca Sozer, Co-Owner

Coco International

Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Valesco Trading LLC


  “Brian Shube is a great to work with, especially Amanda. She has made process a lot easier and will help any way that she can. Amanda knows everything that there is to know. She is truly the best and we couldn’t ask for anyone better to help us with the SQF process.”

Amy Yun

Account Manager | Coco International, Inc. 

Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Brooklyn Born Chocolate


“Brian’s Team provided our team with great personal attention and support during our SQF process. 

Amanda provided us with systems and companies we can rely on, she made the process seem effortless. 

The attention to detail and knowledge she provided was over the top.” –

JF Bonnet, Executive Pastry Chef / Owner

Anderson Candy

Brooklyn Born Chocolate

Brooklyn Born Chocolate



Brian Shube Consulting was instrumental in helping Anderson Candy co. develop and implement our SOP and HACCP certification.

Amanda was very knowledgeable about this process. The process was smooth and effortless. Thanks again for a job well done. 

Donny Gentry, Owner