Foreign Supplier Verification Program

Meeting FSVP regulations can be complex. Let us help.

BSC offers our clients  various  FSVP packages designed to meet your exact needs.  

Package A: Foreign Supplier Document Verification

Based on having a manufacturer who is in good standing with inspections, BSC will provide the following :

  • · FSVP Activity Form
  • · FSVP Corrective Action Form
  • · FSVP SOP's
  • · FSVP Supplier Evaluation Form

Package B: Foreign Supplier Audit 

Based on having a manufacturer who is in good standing with inspections, BSC will provide the following: 

  • · Register your business with the FDA. This is a necessary component to begin the process of selling a product. The FDA needs to be aware of who you are and your facilities location.
  • · Prepare a DUNS number for importing. (Unique Facility Identifier). This number is essential and gives a Date Universal Numbering System to identify your business and the type of organization it is. 
  • · Approve your supplier. We take the necessary steps to approve and determine if your supplier can be certified as compliant in food safety for your potential products.
  • · Evaluate the approval of your Foreign Supplier. These steps are needed to show that the chosen foreign supplier has adequate proof on file for an inspector to view.
  • · Ensure your suppliers have a HACCP Plan with Preventative Controls in place. 
  • · Review Verification Activities - COA’s, environmental monitoring documents, etc.  We will review the documents to ensure that the foreign supplier and whoever is receiving the products in the U.S.A is also conducting checks. 
  • · Ensure that your supplier has an Allergen Control Program in place, if applicable. We will ensure that if a product you are exporting contains an allergen it is being controlled to avoid a recall situation. 
  • · Determine the FSVP Importer.  Who will technically own the food at the time of the U.S entry.
  • · Determine your Importer of Record. This is the entity responsible for ensuring the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations, filing a completed duty entry and associated documents and paying the assessed import duties and other taxes on those goods. 
  • · Help select the Qualified Individual. This is the key person to handle the responsibility of Food Safety. We evaluate this individual and their credentials. 
  • · Perform Document Review and prepare required documents.
  • · A written Recall Plan. (If supplier does not have one in place). 

Package C: Foreign Supplier Follow Up Review

  • Based on having a manufacturer who is in good standing with inspections, BSC will provide the following:
  • · Double check any new documents or updated information 
  • · Ensure all paperwork is correct
  • · Ensure all documents are being completed accurately
  • · Review of any pending documents from suppliers

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